Risks and possibilities of injuries involved while shifting

People often have the wrong idea that they know everything about proper and safe lifting. They could be wrong, and a mistake could cause them severe injury that could last a lifetime. I am here to write the blog about “avoiding injuries while shifting”. Shifting involves many activities like packing, loading, and unloading. Most of these the packers and movers will do, but you may have to do some basic packing of your valuable goods. These activities can be risky and even dangerous if you don’t take proper precaution. In this process, one may have injuries like skinning of fingers. Also, he may face some superficial cuts and bruises on his hands and legs.

But, if one is not careful and observant, it can lead to severe and permanent injuries. One of the most critical parts of the body that one may get injured during loading and unloading is his back. If anybody lifts a box or a household item without care, his back can get damaged. You must take extra care when you are trying to place objects above your shoulder height. Also, carrying items down the staircase, do the same for a long distance can hurt you. So, take care while working in a tiny workplace where you have to twist or bend to reach and pick up objects. Like this process you can avoid injuries while shifting


Modes of injuries while shifting

There are three ways in which people can get injured through lifting. Injury to muscle, injury to the backbone (vertebra), and joint injury are the three major ways as said. Here are the points for avoiding injuries while shifting. Follow the tips given below.


 Maximum average lifting capacity per person

First, remember that men should not lift anything heavier than 25kg. The safety limit for women is 16kg. Trying to lift objects more massive than these can cause severe damage to the body. As he/she may have tearing of ligaments, muscles or even fracture of bones. They should lift these types of objects with the help of two or three others, or luggage lifting machines.

avoiding injuries while shifting

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Body movement while lifting any object

Second, you should not flex your waist but bend at your knees. You should pick up the luggage half-kneeling. Kneel behind the object and lift it with your knee bent. Then straighten your knee to push the object forward or backwards. Thus you will avoid the whole pressure of the purpose falling on your backbone. Remember that your spine is not a single bone only. It consists of smaller bones strung together with ligaments.

mody movement while lifting any objext

Method for holding an object (distance between the object and your body)

Third, the objects that you are lifting should not be away from your body. They should be close to your body. If the object for lifting or moving is away from your body, there will be an excess strain on your backbone. It may result in severe back pain and injury to your vertebral bones.

avoiding injuries while shifting

Proper turning method while carrying any object

Fourth, do not turn around with your legs planted in one position. If you do that, you will be squeezing your vertebral discs. Such movement can cause dislocation of vertebral discs. If you need to pick up something that is to your right, left or back, turn your whole body by moving your legs.


Make your body firm for avoiding injuries while shifting

Fifth, when you have to lift an object, you should plant your body on a firm base. To do this step, you have to plant your legs apart. If you keep your legs together, you will not be well balanced. It will cause you to fall and will result in serious injuries. You may also end up with a fracture.

avoid injuries while moving

make your body firm for avoiding injuries while shifting

Use proper gloves, cloth, or shoes to grip well

Sixth, keep your feet secure on the ground. In other words, you have to wear shoes that have a good grip. Make sure also that the land you are standing on is not slippery. It should be dry and free of any greasy substances. Better to use proper gloves or small cloth to hold any object with smooth surfaces.


Avoid sudden jerking while holding a heavy object

Seventh, people often make the mistake of jerking while lifting or moving objects. Sudden jerks may dislocate your arm bones from their sockets. Instead, you need to use force to move objects.


The risk to lift a heavy and unknown object overhead

Eighth, do not lift things over your head. It is risky because severe injuries to the head can cause damage to the brain, paralysis or coma. Make sure; you should not lift heavy object over your head. But, if you have to do it, wear a helmet and get the help of someone to do that.


The leading packers and movers having trained executives

BixMove Packers and Movers company has many trained executives. They avoid injuries while loading and unloading or in other shifting steps. Few leading home shifting companies in Chennai give training for it. So, while they will work for any house or office moving, they can avoid injuries. The executives of BixMove Packers and Movers Bangalore use special gloves while working. This method protects them from injuries while loading and unloading. Also, they use small and flat-based carriers with four wheels to move the things quicker. Many people who once ordered BixMove for shifting their home, refer others for the same. If any executive faces any major injury, the whole shifting process may stop. As a result, the customer will have an acute problem to manage these all.

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