Bangalore, Karnataka; By a Special Correspondent;
BIXMOVE is now a popular and familiar name in the arena of safe and sound packing shifting. This relocation company has been established to be a leading and highly trusted mover in the field of Packing Shifting. The company has coined its reputation by providing matchless service to the clients of different sections. The dedication and devotion of the company personnel have become thus the talk of the town. From time to time the company announces different facilities for the clients only to offer them quality packing moving at discounted rates. In this way, BIXMOVE has benefitted many families to relocate smoothly for a marginal charge.

At the same time, BIXMOVE also announces numerous social responsibilities and shoulders them in an effective manner. Sometimes the authority pleads to stand by the poor and the destitute, sometimes they are providing free schooling and food facilities to the students of the poverty-stricken families. They are also providing medical aids to such poor students whose families can’t provide proper treatment and medicines to their kids. They have also planned to set up schools and hospitals to provide free education and treatment to the poorer sections of the society.

At present BIXMOVE has come up with an incredible and unforeseen plan to support the local packers movers of the country with a view to assisting some unemployed youths of the country providing jobs. It is now nationally recognized that BIXMOVE is a private limited company with manifold branches all over the country. Yet there are many remote locations where BIXMOVE TEAM can’t reach yet. BIXMOVE has decided to join hands with the local movers of such localities. Many local movers are running their business illegally in such remote places. BIXMOVE is offering them a chance to collaborate and work for BIXMOVE. BIXMOVE will provide them all necessary permissions to work legally as the agents of BIXMOVE. Additionally, they will work under the banner of BIXMOVE and earn handsomely with us. They will be free and allowed to carry on local shifting on and for BIXMOVE for token money to be given to the company. For national and international relocations, BIXMOVE will take the lead and do all the legal process and documentation and take the charge from them.

At the same time, all the valuables of the clients will be moved in the vehicles or containers of the company. The local movers will get a handsome commission for working with BIXMOVE. In this process, the local companies will get enough jobs around the years. On the other hand, they will remain free from all legal hazards as they will work as legal agents for BIXMOVE. As BIXMOVE is a PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY, and highly popular in the arena of relocation, the local companies will get handsome jobs and many unemployed youths will get the opportunity to earn their livelihood. In this process, many illegal local movers will get legal permission to provide local packing moving. They will be free from legal tension. Plus, they will get more and more clients when they will work under the banner of BIXMOVE. This will obviously increase their income all around the year.

Besides, many people who can’t depend on such amateur local movers will give consent to work with them when they will work in collaboration with BIXMOVE. The brand “BIXMOVE” will encourage the common people to move with these local movers. The name BIXMOVE will grow confidence level in the minds of the clients which was otherwise an impossible chapter. In this process, BIXMOVE will be able to provide its matchless and quality services throughout India, even to the remote section of the country. The business of the company will increase. Plus, the more the company becomes financially strong, it will provide employment to more and more local youths of the country. Many unemployed youths will get jobs and in course of time, they will earn handsomely to provide bread to their families.

Moreover, many people who reside in these remote and backward geographical sections but need to relocate badly for work or business purposes will get the opportunity to move safely with BIXMOVE. A great burden will be removed from their shoulder when they will be able to provide the painstaking moving jobs to BIXMOVE PRIVATE LIMITED. They will not suffer from any kind of tension or anxiety as they face when they have to move with amateur local movers as there is no certainity of any safe and sure relocation of their valuables.

Besides, these people will be then able to shift their goods smoothly for a reasonable charge as BIXMOVE has a chart rate and there is no hidden cost in the service and payment of the company. The people will also be able to avail the unique insurance and warehousing policy that provides additional security to their goods. Thus BIXMOVE is appealing to all such local movers to join hands with BIXMOVE for a better and prosperous future. The authority of BIXMOVE thinks that this solemn project will assist thousands of local movers to attain progress and prosperity in the near future.

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