BIXMOVE is one of the leading moving brands in India. Of late, it is going to arrange a BLOOD DONATION CAMP in a befitting way. Blood Donation is a great and solemn project to serve the poor. From time to time, Bixmove takes part in a lot of social work. It thinks that serving the country is a noble job. Making profit is no doubt the aim of a business concern, yet Bixmove is serving the society all the time. So, they are arranging the Blood Donation Camp this time.
BIXMOVE always takes part in helping poor people. It has already done many social jobs. They have done much good to the needy people of the country. At present, Bixmove has decided to arrange a blood donation camp in BANGALORE. After, Bangalore, they will arrange such a camp in CHENNAI.
Bixmove thinks that it has some duties to society. Donation of blood is one of them. Blood donation is a solemn job. It is the greatest thing a man can donate. Blood is life. It has no substitute. We cannot artificially make blood. Only, donation of blood can fulfil the want of blood for many patients and dying people. Hence, the authority has decided to arrange a blood donation camp in BANGALORE.
In summer, there becomes a good scarcity in the blood banks. Many people face death for want of blood. Many sick patients cannot buy blood from outside. As the blood available outside are very costly. Mr. Sanjay Poonia, the owner of the company, always helps the poor and students. This time, he wants to help needy patients with blood.
The blood donation camp will take place on a Sunday. The company will make all the arrangements for the blood camp. All the employees of BIXMOVE will take part in the blood donation.
They all will donate blood for the noble purpose. The company will take necessary permissions from the Govt and Police. The staffs of the central blood bank will be present to collect blood.
Plus, many doctors will be present in the camp. They will examine the health of blood donors. After proper tests, the donors will get permission to donate blood. The collected blood will help many needy and dying patients.
The company has started the necessary preparation to arrange the blood bank. The first one is to select a particular place in the heart of the city. There, they will erect a camp. All the medical arrangements will be there in the event. Mr. Sanjay Poonia, the owner of the company, will be present in the venue. He will supervise the blood donation camp himself.
Bixmove will also invite the Health Minister of the state to be part of this great project. He will grace the chair of the chief guest. Many famous persons from different worlds will also be present in the camp. Their presence will make the event more colourful. Many film actors, sportspersons, and political giants will be a part of the venue. They will also appeal to the people to take part in the grand event.
Bixmove will appeal to the ordinary people to take part in the camp. If all the people come forward to take part in the noble project, it will be a successful one. The more people will support us; the more will the project be successful. The collected blood will, of course, save the lives of many needy and dying patients. Plus, many students who have thalassemia will get blood free of cost from the blood banks. Thousands of people will get the chance to save their lives. Hence, BIXMOVE is appealing to all the people to come forward. They should donate blood for a noble cause. Only then our project will be fruitful.

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