NEWS: Bixmove is Planning to Buy 40 trucks to Reduce 50% of Home Shifting Cost

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India] 26th May 2019: BixMove is the reputed shifting company with numerous customers. Currently, the company is operating in two major cities Chennai and Bangalore. But, they are also wished to accept the shifting orders all over the world. Day by day, BixMove is obtaining many shifting orders from many people.

Since BixMove is always named for the cheapest shifting services, yet the customers from an interior location of Bangalore and Chennai are experiencing quite costly. The company received a few requests from its customers to reduce the cost of shifting. To deal with this issue and to reduce their shifting cost more than they expected, BixMove has arrived with an incredible plan. Yes, the team has now planned to buy 40 more trucks to reduce the cost of shifting.

BixMove has expected that owning 40 trucks can certainly reduce 50% of home shifting cost. This is what their customers need. As of now, BixMove has tried to hire trucks from the third party for long-distance transport. Hence, the cost of shifting also includes truck cost. Now, it can be reduced in a greater amount.

BixMove always tried to look for their customer satisfaction. Also, they do not want to neglect any of their demands. It made the company grow higher in the field of shifting. Plus, there are some more benefits for our customers associated with this idea.

The customers, who use shifting company has in the situation of handing-over their entire household belongings. This includes transferring of goods in the company vehicle. While using the hired vehicle for shifting, BixMove is not able to allow their customers to track the vehicle. But now, with their own trucks, BixMove will allow their clients to track the vehicle. Hence, it allows its customers to stay cool until it gets dispatched in the desired location. Also, their customers can easily analyze the time taken for the arrival of goods in their new location.

In the future, it was estimated that BixMove is trying to invest in more trucks to help customers from other states of India. Reach BixMove and enjoy their safe shifting services. The BixMove team is always looking to implement new methods to make their shifting process simple. Making simple is not to gain profit, but this is to help their customers. BixMove customers can expect even more cheapest services from their shifting company.

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