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Chennai, Karnataka, 11 the June; By a Special Correspondent;

BIXMOVE has emerged as one of the most reputed and celebrated relocation brands in the arena of packing shifting in India. This pioneer relocation company has redefined relocation with its matchless and systematic and planned packing shifting. The company has gained vast popularity and eminence and recognition by serving people with total devotion, determination, and honesty. With earnest efforts and customer-friendly attitude, the company has conducted thousands of relocations so far without offering any pain and stress to the clients. Being a customer-friendly company, BIXMOVE is devising new plans to serve the clients in a better and more efficient manner to offer them an outstanding moving experience.

The introduction of Automated Relocation Services is the latest program fashioned by BIXMOVE. In this era of modernization and technology, the lifestyle of human beings has been dramatically improved and upgraded. The invention of sophisticated machines has proved to be a blessing to the life of modern man. Everywhere the use of advanced machinery can be witnessed or observed. Automation is also playing a vital role in the industrial sector.

As a consequence, BIXMOVE is taking necessary preparations to provide more accurate and more effective relocation services up to the satisfaction of the clients. Initially, 50% of the jobs will be automated. Later on, 100% automation will be introduced for the benefit of the ordinary people and the accuracy of the services.

BIXMOVE Packers and Movers Chennai  is taking new strategies to make the relocation automated. They are taking adequate measures to make the marketing process automated. They have opened the website of the company and uploaded all the credentials of the company there. The location of the company, the various offers provided from time to time, the contact numbers of different personnel for contact or appointment or inquiry have been uploaded on the website. At the same time, they are introducing an online app or mobile app for the benefit of the clients. The clients can easily browse the apps in the Google Play Store. From there, they can easily download the app on their mobile phones. In the app, the clients can receive all the information related to the services and their rates. They can also make their inquiry and place their orders for any relocation anywhere in India. At first, customers give the order, and automatically, all calculations will be done depending on the selection of the visitor or app user. All the information they will get sitting in their comfortable parlor. This system will save time for both the company and the clients. The customer will get an automated and accurate quote depending on the volume, pickup points to the destination, and packing mode/materials chosen.

In the company office, automation will play a crucial role also. As soon as the clients place orders browsing the websites and apps, all the information will be automatically collected or procured automatically by the machines and sent to the customer care executives assignees to deal with the clients. They will automatically then be allotted to take care of individual clients. Each of the executives will be responsible for providing service to certain clients. In the process of automation, the executives will take care of the emails and SMS services forwarded by the clients. They will verify them and send an instant reply to the clients. Then the survey will be done by these executives if required, and quotation will be offered to the clients.

In the arena of packing and  moving, automation will do miracles. The company is importing ultramodern packing machines which will sense the materials to pack and accordingly, will organize and choose the packing materials (put before in the machine), and will pack much faster and accurately. This method will save time, and at the same time, the articles of the clients will remain safe during the process of transportation.  After packing the sensor will mark or stamp or place the level on the pack. Moreover, the Internet-connected machine will record them all (along with video recording), and the records will be put in the CRM automatically. Next, the auto system will generate a one-time mode of transportation, depending on the customer’s requirements and the company’s vehicle availability. The machine will also create one packing list or challan. It will print for the customer and one for the company.

The payment will be automatic (by debit card, credit card, or by cash)  the machine will accept the payment and it will be helpful to both the clients and the company as all the documents will be recorded by the machines and these will be no event of any mistake or misunderstanding. Other modern e-wallets will also be valid payment mode.

Before the scheduled date of relocation, the auto system will alert the company and customer via SMS/WhatsApp/email along with CRM and mobile app. Then, proper arrangements will be initiated by the staff of the company to provide a matchless relocation to the clients. The responsible persons for loading and moving along with vehicle driver would be informed and receive return responses from those executives to fix the loading and moving process. Next, Auto loading machine with sensors and counting along with pics and videos with load the valuables on the stipulated trucks or containers. After the vehicles are despatched, their movements will be monitored by the office executives by GPS Trackers.

When the trucks reach the new destination, unloading and unpacking will be done excellently by automated machines for the safety and security of the valuables. The warehouses will also be fully automated for the better management and storage of the goods. This system will keep the articles of the clients intact for any duration of time. Moreover, this method will also prove beneficial to extricate the goods when necessary, without any scar or damage. In this way, automation will do miracles, and all the clients will receive matchless and outstanding services from the pioneer relocation brand,

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