Packing and moving is a tedious task if you are shifting from one house to another. Here are 10 points that you should keep in mind before you hire a packer and mover.

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  1.     See if the operator can move to your destination.

Many packing and moving companies only give service within the city that you are in. If you are planning on mobbing out of state, see that your mover can do it.

  1.     Verify the credentials of the company.

There is no board in India to regulate packers and movers, so before you give your goods to a mover, make sure that they have a good background. Try to contact and order to one private limited company and not any farm.

Like Bixmove Packers and Movers in Chennai is one famous shifting company.

  1.     Check the rates.

As with any other service, you should check the rates before you engage.

For that, you can contact more than one company for quotations for verification.

  1.     Check the material.

Check the packing material before you engage. It is better to take pictures of all the goods before packing and after packing. If you do this, you can cross check that if anything is missing.

  1.     Check the contact numbers.

Always check the contact numbers of the company they have given to you for future usage. Many times fake packers and movers offer wrong numbers, and after taking the advance, they do not do any job.

  1.     See If they are a subcontractor.

Check and see If the company is having someone else move the things for them. For agent and subcontractor, you have to pay more.

  1.     Better always you buy transit insurance to protect the relocation procedure and don’t forget to see the policy paper before actual shifting starts.
  2.     Terms of payment.

Ask about the terms of payment for services.

  1.     Contract.

Make sure that a contract is signed with all details.

  1. Deadlines.

Ask what the company will do if they miss a deadline.

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