Frequently Asked Questions About Moving And Their Probable Solutions.

Packing Moving is not always an easy affair as most people don’t have any experience or idea about how to manage all the events smoothly. The absence of precise data about the Do's and Don’ts do not support their actions legitimately at the time of moving. At BIXMOVE, we accept that moving ought to be peaceful and a fun packed experience. To make sure you appreciate it, we've replied probably the most often inquiries asked about packing moving. Need to move from BANGALORE or CHENNAI, rely on us for a smart and memorable moving.

1. When would it be advisable for you to call your service organizations and told them you are moving?

You should call your service organizations about your move at least one month before the move as it helps them to call at your residence to check out all the matters related to them and settle everything according to their parameters.

2. When would it be a good idea for you to begin calling your bank and Visa organization to change addresses?

It is in every case best to begin considering everybody a month before moving to tell them you are moving and what your new location will be. Concerning your financial balances, a few banks don't enable you to change your address until you have effectively moved to the new place.

3. Would it be a good idea for me to pack everything from my closet spaces and file cabinets?

Indeed, you ought to in each circumstance, be sure that everything is taken from the furnishings and packed into boxes. It only takes a little sum of money in purchasing packing material and a couple of minutes. It makes moving your furniture 100% more secure for the movers and furthermore more secure for your furnishings.

4. What to do in the rainy season when there are frequent showers?

Make sure before the arrival of the relocation team that all your valuables are particularly packed well with proper materials so that they can remain safe from the rainwater. Especially the furniture and paper documents and other valuables should be duly protected from the rains. You should also keep track of the weather forecast if there is any news of any heavy thunder shower or not. If there is any news of such one, you should inform them in no time. In that case, the moving company may postpone your move for the day and select another day for moving.

On the other hand, if the moving company assures you that it will offer you container trucks that will protect your items from rainwater, you can move on. You should also take the information about the condition of the new location. You should take the news about the weather condition there. If there is an event of water-logging or any other trouble, you can’t move that day. If there is no such problem, you can move on.

5. Will my movers provide mattress bags and cardboard boxes to pack the items?

Except that you have mentioned for mattress bags and cardboard boxes, your movers won't bring them. If you need them to pack your items, call the mover and request it to supply you with these so that you can easily pack your valuables.

If you have any more inquiries regarding moving, connect with the specialists at BIXMOVE. We have been offering reasonable HOME and OFFICE moving services all through India for years without touching the quality of our service.

6. How Should I Select and Hire a Genuine Mover?

It is an essential question in the field of relocation. Hiring packers and movers is mandatory for giving a moving job a particular shape. Only a genuine mover can offer you smooth and memorable relocation. However, be aware and careful about your selection. Plenty of fake and amateur movers are available in the market. Any wrong choice on your part may cause a mess of your valuables. These fraudulent or inexperienced movers, in the name of cheap cost packing moving, may win your heats at first, but with time may cause significant harm or damage to your costly articles.

It happens many times that these packers movers don’t take care of your articles properly, and consequently, this causes considerable damage to your items. Even some such movers don’t offer you insurance coverage if your goods face damage at the time of moving. Many of the fake movers don’t reply to the calls after the process of relocation is over. They don't take care of your troubles. It also happens that the workers of such movers demand extra money at the time of unloading of your valuables at your new location.

You can get rid of such problems. You should always hire a reputed and trusted mover in your locality, even if its charges are a little bit higher. It can provide you safe and smooth services. You should also verify the permanent location of the mover you are going to hire. Also take into consideration the reputation of the mover in the market, the clarity of its charges. Take all the legal documents from the company before you move. After adequate justification for everything, you can appoint a relocation company to move your valuables. BIXMOVE is one such brand on which you can depend blindly to move your valuables safely and smoothly.

By SKB on 2019-06-22

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