Like Home or Office relocation, car location is no less significant. A car is an expensive and sterling item, and relocation of a car is a question of thousand rupees. At the same time, the cost of moving a car is really a costly affair. When a person moves his home and office to a new location, he needs to take his expensive car along with him. It is an impossible task to move a car to a distant location by driving it as it is costly and risky too. Driving a car to a remote place consumes much fuel. At the same time, accidents may happen on the way as driving a long distance is a tiresome job. It is thus wise to engage a good moving company to move your car. However, the moving cost of a vehicle depends on many facts. I am discussing those below.

Main Factors To Determine Car Moving Cost

cost of car transportation


The distance of moving a car affects the cost of shifting directly. Usually, more distance signifies more costly moving. However, practically, the matter is not always so. Moving a car or vehicle to a distant location which is well connected by highways usually is less expensive than moving it to a remote location which has less network of transportation. In this way, moving a car from Delhi to Kolkata is cheaper than moving it to Manipur. The location of the place thus determines the cost of moving significantly. Moving a vehicle to an accessible or well-connected location is less expensive than moving it to a little remote town or village which is far from a highway.


The type of vehicle is another essential factor that determines the cost of moving a car. Small cars or vehicles usually need a little amount to move, whereas big and bulky vehicles require more cost to move from one location to another. It is a fact that more massive and sophisticated cars consume more fuel than lighter ones, and this increases the cost of moving. For example, the moving price of Nano or Maruti Omni is less expensive than moving a Scorpio or Tata Sumo. The latter ones are heavier vehicles and need more fuel to move. Hence, the cost of moving them is naturally higher.

3. The Condition Of The Car:

The condition of a vehicle plays a significant role in the cost of moving. Vehicles can be of two categories running and not running. The vehicles which are in tip-top and good running condition needless price than moving the vehicles which are in not running condition. A working vehicle can move onward with its own capacity. On the other hand, a not running vehicle needs an external force to move it onward. Loading a running vehicle in a car trailer is easier. On the contrary, a non-running vehicle needs a forklift to load and unload it in a car trailer. Naturally, a car which is in good running condition needs no external force to load into a truck, and hence it needs less cost to move than a car which is not running.


The vehicles which have been technologically modified or altered need more cost to move from one place to another than a standard car. Some cars are technically modified to add special characters to them. Some of them are lifted, and some are brought down. In some cases, bigger tyres than ordinary are added to them. When such vehicles are technologically altered or modified, their size, shape and weight also change. Accordingly changes the cost of their relocation. The value increases if the modified vehicles weigh more than before. Thus, modification and alteration of vehicles can increase or decrease the cost of moving.

5. Sort of Transport – Open or Enclosed:

Two kinds of car transport are available- open or enclosed. The first type of car transport is always available, and most clients elect it. Many clients also like covered or enclosed type of car moving as it is safer and more convenient. Open car transport is always cheaper than enclosed car transport. Most people opt for it for standard cars as it is affordable and less costly. On the other hand, for expensive, sophisticated and sports cars people choose enclosed car transport. However, it entirely depends on the client to select the mode of transportation. Though covered car transport is more expensive than other ones, it will be the smart decision to opt for it as it offers a safe and secure moving of your valuable car.


Season is another determining factor for moving a car. The cost of moving remains cheaper in certain seasons whereas in particular season the price goes higher. Specific reasons are there behind it. In summer and winter, the cost of moving remains lower than the rainy season. In the rainy season due to excessive rainfall and inclement weather condition, many areas are badly affected and moving a vehicle to such a location proves more expensive. Thus if a client wishes to move his costly vehicle from Kolkata to Manipur or Assam in the rainy season, he has to pay more as moving a car there in the rainy season becomes difficult due to massive rainfall and bad weather condition.


The cost of fuel also plays a significant role in fixing the cost of moving a car. Often the cost of fuel increases and decreases according to the trend of the global market. It directly affects the cost of moving your vehicles. This fact should not be overlooked or underestimated. In one week, the cost of fuel may decrease. Again in the following week, it may increase by Rs 5 per litre. The logistic company also increases or reduces the cost of moving the cars following the trend. Hence, the cost of moving a vehicle depends on the present price of fuel in the national market.

A good car transport company will inform you of every detail in a nutshell before finalizing your car moving. BIXMOVE is one such popular and leading car moving company which offers safe and smooth relocation of your cars at affordable rates. Our Car Relocation services are really really unique and matchless. For safe and smooth moving of your cars, contact us. We move your cars smartly in its pristine condition.

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