Not to Avoid these essential points while shifting in Rainy Season

If you relocate your home or office in a dry climate that will be under normal circumstances, but if you have to shift in rainy season then you have to put extra care on that, and also consult with the packing and moving company you hired. Due to rain, the road condition becomes very bad, and your valuable goods may be damaged soaking water of the shower. So don’t avoid to take extra precautions while relocating in the rainy season.

I am disclosing some essential points to remember while you plan to shift in monsoon in India.

1.Monitoring weather forecast
Nowadays the weather forecast is becoming very advanced and giving accurate estimates. So you must check the expected weather condition on the day of actual shifting. It is true the forecast might sometimes fail and for particular a small location that does not match. You must eye on the weather forecast.

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2. Sorting of items

If you want to shift in the rainy season, it is better to sort your items correctly. It is not that to segregate them by its weight, shape, or size. Point and separate the things that can easily be damaged by moisture or water like few electronic gazettes, leather items, documents or books, wooden furniture, etc. Use the labeling method and identify your valuable items that could be spoiled by rain or water or moisture.

3. Well packing to resist Jerking on Road

In rainy days the roads in India becomes with full of holes. Because of these holes, the vehicle carrying your goods might face jerking repeatedly. As a result, your valuable things may be damaged or broken. So, you have to pack those entirely to resist this jerking on the road.

4.  Using containers preventing moisture

After picking your goods from your house, the concerned shifting company will take 5-10 or more days to reach to your destination. Due to that, if any valuable items are drenched with water, there would be nobody like you who will care entirely to protect those items. So, you may incur a loss if your goods are destroyed by water. Those damages may be irreversible, and you will not get those items back in perfect condition if drenched with water and get damaged. You better use moisture resistant containers to avoid those issues.

5. Using of Moisture Absorbers

Probably you have noticed few small packets of moisture absorbers are used in the box of home appliances while you unpack those at home. These moisture absorbers are used to protect the electronics gazettes being damaged by the moisture. So, you must put a few small packets of silica gel packets in some boxes containing valuable documents, electronic items.

We, BixMove packers and movers always take extra precautions in Rainy season for packing and moving steps.

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