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    BixMove Packers and Movers Chennai.

    BIXMOVE PACKERS AND MOVERS is a leading packing and moving company in Chennai. "Packers and Movers Chennai" is famous for the safe packing moving services to the clients. Moreover, it is popular and trusted shifting company. We help our clients around the year. Also, our top-quality services are packing & moving, home moving, company moving. We also help you in rearranging of goods and storage services, and so on. Besides, we, packers and movers in CHENNAI also offer other moving-related services too.

    Thus, Packers Movers Chennai offers quality and excellent moving services to the clients. Above all, we are able in any kind of moving: local, distant or global. BIXMOVE is very expert in all moving jobs. Plus "Packers & Movers Chennai" as a top company has an excellent team of moving experts. They perform with great skill and enough caring. With the guidance of these experts, we can offer you safe and pleasant services very fast. Besides, various types of goods need special packing items. We use these to make your shifting successful and free from trouble.

    At the same time, we are ready to please both of our big and small customers. Not only that, we offer helpful local house relocation services in the city of Chennai. We are also expert in loading and later unloading services. Plus, our every shifting related service is excellent and has no issue.

    First of all, the people of Chennai are considering our moving company to be the best one. Next, we have gained 3500 happy clients in Chennai within the last six months. BixMove is having the first position for moving services.



    We, top moving and packing company, have many years experienced executives for shifting. Because of that, with the proper help of these staffs, we can offer home and office moving services. Not only that, our team provides loading as well as unloading steps in a correct process. Thus, our team takes the highest security of your all shifting-goods. At the same time, we offer our trucks (not hired) and a separate vehicle for shipping the goods.

    We packers & movers Chennai uses wooden boxes, bubbles, and cartoons, to pack your goods. So, we can protect your assets from unwanted effects. Besides, BixMove offers a transit insurance policy. Buying transit insurance for the shifting-goods is compulsory for packing and moving steps. It protects you and your items safe from any mishap. Some unpleasant events may occur while shifting like an accident on the road or sudden fire. This mishap may harm your goods. That is the reason; we request clients for taking transit insurance. It saves you from monetary and other losses.


    Packers and Movers Chennai

    Moreover, our supervisor is very helpful, and he guides your shifting. Not only that, our team packs all your households things. People call us the leading car moving service provider Chennai. For any moving detail, you can dial us on 07411 247 247. We packers movers Chennai are very happy to assist you. Plus, we also provide door-to-door moving and packing jobs 24*7.

    Popularity of Packers and Movers Chennai:-

    As a safe and top packer mover, we have vast fame in Chennai and its nearby areas. People can depend on us and our smooth services. We serve our clients so well that people consider us to be the most valuable packer mover in Chennai. We help our clients so well. Hence, they face no problem at the time of moving. Moving of goods is else a hardy process. Thousands of clients have taken our quality services to move to and fro from Chennai. If you hire us for the job of moving, we serve our clients in a friendly and smooth way. Our workers help them in every way.
    The workers of the company are expert enough. They can offer you unique and quality services. Moreover, they always fulfil your needs. You may also find that our charges are not much if you judge the quality of our services. Our friendly services also make us so dear to the clients. From the very beginning to the end, we are always with you with a smile.
    Plus, we take appropriate steps if you have delicate goods. For your expensive cars and bikes, we have our top car-containers. So, in every angle, our services are unique. They please our clients to make us happy. Need safe and smooth packing moving? Don't worry. We are here to move you well.
    Packers and Movers Chennai

    Logistic in the coming years - A BixMove Review.

    BixMove Packers and Movers is following a regular growth in the last few years. It has studied its reasons. Here they share their views. Now, Indian economy is a growing economy. The tune of "Make in India" is very popular today. It is applied in many areas of the economy. It is causing an uplifting in city life too. Government is taking many steps under this tag line.
    The remaking of the cities is one of them. Cities are getting changed to smart cities. Many additional facilities are included here. People are crowding to these new cities. They are coming from many backward areas of the country. In every shifting, there is a key role of packers and movers. Hence the market is growing every day.
    BixMove Packers and Movers is also ready to catch the growth. They are also keen to raise their market share. So, we are improving ourselves on a daily basis. We tagged ourselves with this growth. Not only in home shifting. BixMove packers and movers Chennai follows this growth in office relocation also. Because, many new offices are opening in these cities. Many big houses are also opening their new branches here. BixMove has accompanied in many office-shifting for the big houses. Cars are also part of daily life now. So, car shifting is also a regular part of packers and movers. BixMove is also not in a back foot in this area.

    Selection is always the parameter of success. - A review.

    Selection is the prime thing everywhere. To get the wanted result we must go for the right selection. It carries the same importance in your relocation need. Packing and moving is indeed a hackle for any individual. In fact, they jumble up the thing every time. It is not always smart to save money. Your ultimate need a safe and hackle free relocation. So, in that case, it is wise to go for reputed packers and movers. It saves time and energy both. Bixmove packers and movers Chennai assures a smooth relocation. It gives value for your money. Our experience will do it for you. A relocation may occur once or twice in your life. But, it is a regular job for us. BixMove packers and movers doing house or office relocation on a daily basis. We are well skilled in this area.

    A moving company like Chennai packers and movers is happy to serve you. They are doing the same all over the year.

    Packers and Movers Chennai

    On the other hand it is the first time for you. But perfection depends upon consistency. So, to relax while you have to move, choose proper packers and movers. BixMove is always there to serve you. Hence, the selection of a good mover is the key factor of relocation. A good mover can move cares for your goods. You get a damage-free shifting. Bixmove packers and movers Chennai also assures you reasonable cost. We expect your regular support. Thus, don't hire any local movers better go for a reputed one.

    Why Will You Choose BixMove Packers and Movers Chennai?

    We wish to offer 100% safe services to make the clients smile. Moreover, we provide 24x7 packing and moving services. Plus, our helpline no. is always open for you. Not only that, we offer an instant quotation. Plus, people can get a special offer on an immediate quote. In Chennai, there are many locations where we are present.
    Plus, we get many calls from those locations for moving services. All the time, we give them quality services here. We offer our quality services to many places in Chennai. All our services are safe and smooth. Our staffs are always friendly with clients. Their hard work always helps us to offer you top services. Plus, our services are cheaper than other movers, and we serve our clients with more honesty. This honesty is our motto. We are so popular here as we offer excellent services.
    Clean moving to the clients is our aim and fame. We help our clients in a clean and correct method. All our services are free from any trouble and top in quality. Besides, all our services are cheap. Plus, our affordable but quality services please the clients.
    At the same time, we never compromise with the quality of our job. Our clients never face any trouble for us. Even after that, if the goods of the clients get damaged while moving. That is why we help our clients to save their loss. Thus, we maintain the quality of our services; we take the least charges and the care clients. As a result, people in Chennai regard us the top moving company in Chennai. So, if you need safe and smooth moving in Chennai, we are here for you. Call us and relax. We will do the rest for you well.

    Grand offer from BixMove on and from 15-September-2019.

    BixMove is providing a special offer to the elderly person in Chennai for home shifting customers. This offer extends to Car transportation too (who are aged more than 70 years). We also give special discount on national and international relocation and local shifting. Offer applicable for ten days from BixMove Packers and Movers in Chennai. This packing and shifting offer is valid up to 30th October, 2019.

    Guidance of Home Shifting, Household Goods Moving from Chennai by BixMove

    We have lots of home removal jobs in Chennai. People find us for moving from Chennai to Bangalore and other cities. So, we want to guide those people before their shifting. We always suggest customers not to do self-shifting considering it will save money.

    Moreover, it is wise to choose the best shifting company for relocation from Chennai. Plus, this city is well populated. A large number of moves take place every day here. Hence, many top packers and movers have opened their moving offices in Chennai.

    Bixmove Chennai advises the clients a few points to remember before moving. Also, many people avoid buying insurance. Although  BixMove advises taking transit insurance at the time of home shifting. Plus, you can find a good way to bypass the common moving-mistakes before moving from Chennai. Moreover, you have to know how to check the cost while relocating. Finally, to protect mother nature, we must know the process of eco-friendly packing and shifting method.

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    Chennai is an A-one city of India. It is a city having a vast population. Crores of people live here in many locations. Plus, thousands of people come in the city for jobs or employment. As a result, relocation is a very common event here. Thousands of people change their home for a change of job or location. Also, people need to shift their offices for a suitable place. A suitable place can offer good business.

    Yet, we should not forget that moving is a costly affair. So, people should be careful from the beginning. Here are some tips about how you can reduce the cost while relocating from CHENNAI:


    Be careful before employing a good packer mover. Hiring a wrong mover can harm you a lot. You may lose a lot of money. It is wise to keep away from fake and amateur movers. Only a leading and trusted mover can offer you safe & sure moving.


    Packing materials are very important at the time of moving. They offer safety to your dear goods. Buying all the new packing items may cost you a lot of money. So, you should always insist on used packing materials. Use of used packing boxes and bubble sheets can reduce your moving cost a lot.


    Moving cost depends on the number of goods you are moving. So many items can be present there in the current house. Think all the items are not so important to move. Many of them are not used for a long time. You can sell most of them which you don't anymore in your new house. You will get some money from them. Also, it will reduce your moving cost.


    This step is very important indeed. Moving goods during holidays and weekends may cost you more. So, you should set your move during weekdays. Plus, avoid the time of the year when most people move in your locality. This trick will save a lot of money.


    This point is very crucial too. If you can do the job of moving yourself with available packing items, it saves packing cost. You may take the help of your family members and kins. You may get the used packing items from famous movers like BIXMOVE. With them you can complete the packing jobs in your spare time.


    If you have an old car which is not working, sell it. Moving such a car is very expensive. Moving companies charge more to move such cars. So, it is always wise to sell such car. You can buy a new one in your new location. This will save a lot of moving cost.



    Relocation or packing moving is not a child's game. It is a tough job to perform with success. It includes a lot of actions and plannings. We should be cautious while we move our home or office from one location to another. Even a little mistake on our part can cause significant loss. We can avoid them if we remain a bit careful and do everything plan wise.

    Packing moving involves proper planning and its systematic execution. But, those who are ordinary people can hardly do all by themselves. There are specific reasons for this. They have no idea how to plan all the job. Besides, they have no experience in it. Plus, they do not know how to pack the items. They have no proper idea about packing materials too. Most people also don't have any idea about packing in a safe way.

    In this event, if they try to do the job by themselves, they would end making a mess of all. What should they do then? It wise to offer the job to a reliable mover. They have good experience in the job. Hence, they can move you in a nice manner.

    Next, you should be careful about hiring a good mover. Many fake and amateur movers are there in the market. If you hire any such mover, you are sure to make a significant loss. You may not get back your goods or get them in defective condition. Even such movers may trick you into gaining more. Many hidden charges may also be there in their costs.


    Again select the mover after a proper judgement. Don't appoint any mover which offers you the cheapest quotation. Such a packer mover can be a cheating one. It may cause you to harm in many ways. It may not have skilled workers or modern machines to move well. Plus, it may also cheat you for extra money or such. So, be careful. Only appoint a famous and leading mover like BIXMOVE. Only such a mover can offer you fruitful move.

    Next, take care of all the events one by one. Check the total amount needed for the job, the packing materials the company is using. Also, check if the company has expert staffs to serve you well. Plus, get information about the vehicle and take its number. You also need to know if the company is giving you all the legal papers.

    If you need insurance and storage services, get information about them before. Make a list of all the expenses so that you may not face difficulties later on. Also, ask the company if it can inform you about the status of your goods at a particular time.

    Plus, don't forget to take transit insurance. It is essential in the field of moving. People often don't take it. They consider it wastage of money. Although, in reality, it is not so. Due to accidents and natural calamities, your goods may meet massive loss. If you take transit Transit Insurance, you may get your claim money. It may save you from heavy loss.


    So, if you wish to move from CHENNAI or BANGALORE, you may hire BIXMOVE, a top moving brand. With us, you can move anywhere in India in a nice manner.

    For more details please visit Following Shifting Mistakes to Avoid.


    BIXMOVE is one of the leading moving brands in India. Of late, it is going to arrange a BLOOD DONATION CAMP in a befitting way. Blood Donation is a great and solemn project to serve the poor. From time to time, Bixmove takes part in a lot of social work. It thinks that serving the country is a noble job. Making profit is no doubt the aim of a business concern, yet Bixmove is serving the society all the time. So, they are arranging the Blood Donation Camp this time. For more details please visit BLOOD DONATION CAMP.


    packers and movers chennai

    Chennai is a famous and leading city in south India. Thousands of people move to Chennai every year in search of a good job or profession. People from near and far come here to get a suitable job. The scope of employment in Chennai is always higher. Hence, people from all over India arrive here to get the best work to earn their living. This city also feeds and fosters everyone who comes here to seek fortune. Even many people move from Chennai due to change of jobs or habitat. Hence, relocation is a quite common affair in Chennai. More and more people migrate to and from Chennai for a better living.

    Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. It is also the business capital of South India. So many industries and companies are present here. Moreover, it is the center of trade and commerce and offices. So, many job seekers arrive here from many nearby locations to get an excellent job here. Many even start a business or work in a factory to earn their living.


    Hence, due to jobs or business or chance of habitat, people often change their location. They migrate to a new site. Here comes the importance of relocation or packing moving. Earlier, people used to move their articles themselves. They used to pack their goods with household items and move them in hired vehicles. But, it caused severe trouble as ordinary people can not do the job of packing moving all by themselves. They lack expertise and efficiency. They don't have any idea how to move the goods in a scientific and planned manner. As a result, they find it hard to do the moving job by themselves. Often they face massive loss. So, what is the remedy of this? How can they get rid of this trouble? Yes, there is a way to get rid of this pain.

    People can hire a packer mover to move their goods beautifully. Wait! Be careful! Not all the movers present in the market are reputable enough. There are also many fake and amateur movers. They often cheat the clients to fill their pocket only. The amateur movers don't have any concrete idea how to move you without trouble. Plus, they pretend themselves as right packers and movers. If people believe them and give them the job of shifting, the problem starts. These movers don't have any idea how to move your goods in a planned manner. Hence, they often make a mess of the items. People often get their articles in a damaged state. Often, they don't get their articles back. Plus, they don't get any insurance money for that. The company doesn't assist them anyway to compensate for their loss. As a result, people face great loss.


    This problem also has a cure. People should rely on a reputed and leading mover popular for their quality services. Only such an experienced and expert mover can offer them top services. It can safely move their goods without much pain. Such movers have planned and systematic process to move your goods. Only their quality moving can move you well and save you from a significant loss of money. The aim and motive of a good moving company are this.

    People will move from one spot to another, and the process of relocation will never stop. Every day more and more people will move to and from Chennai for the better living condition. The process will continue forever. More and more people will move from one location to another. The relocation process will become more and more compulsory.

    At this stage, only a leading and popular packer mover can help the people to make their move a successful one.

    BIXMOVE is one of the leading and reputed movers in Chennai. It can offer you top packing moving. People need to move. The move should be safe, fast, and cheap. At this stage, only BIXMOVE PACKERS AND MOVERS CHENNAI can help you to offer you a safe and smooth moving. Call us and take our services. We will move you smoothly. Plus, for smooth and safe moving in Bangalore, we have Bixmove Bangalore, a pioneer moving brand in Bangalore.

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