Privacy Policy

BIXMOVE at no cost rents, sells, or reveals your data to anyone outside of BIXMOVE or its associates. Only BIXMOVE or an associate working on or for BIXMOVE may have the access to statistics collected through this site. Here is our full Privacy Policy:

Full-text version :
BIXMOVE Packers and Movers has announced this privacy policy in order to highlight our total commitment to the privacy of our clients. Our practices are as follows.

Information Collection and Use :
BIXMOVE is the complete owner of the data gathered on this site. We never sell, share, or rent this information to others in any illegal ways that can harm our clients anyway. BIXMOVE coins information from our users at several different points on our website to provide them with safe and stress-free services. We never disclose them to anybody outside.

Important security information - Email Scam :
The clients of BIXMOVE are hereby made aware of a number of fake emails that seem to be sent from BIXMOVE urging the users to verify their email address and/or password and make it confirmed. If you ever receive any such emails or calls that seem to be from BIXMOVE, please contact us in no time.

Storing of IP addresses and the use of "Cookies" :
When a client visits our Webpage, some documents such as the Internet Protocol Address of the clients, the name of the Internet Service Provider, Operating System, the site and location of your arrival, and the time and date of your visit might be kept in store as a part of the software operating system of the Site. BIXMOVE also gathers information through the use of a sophisticated technology called "cookies". The use of cookie technology is fully for internal marketing purposes.