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A warm welcome to BIXMOVE. It is a pioneer relocation company for the people of BANGALORE and CHENNAI. Today we are residing in the modern era. The boon of science and technology has positively affected our lifestyle to a great extent. The advancement of technology can be visible in every sphere of our life. In every nook and corner, we feel the presence of the boons of science and technology. As a consequence, our lifestyle has been greatly developed and sophisticated. In domestic and industrial sectors, in schools and colleges, in offices and clubs, the stamps of modernization can never be overlooked or denied. In a nutshell, the outcome of modernization has enriched our life to a considerable height.

In the field of RELOCATION or PACKING MOVING, a considerable change can also be observed. It is really a topic of wonder how technology has changed the packing moving business entirely. Obviously, the change has been a positive one and this has upgraded the quality of service of the relocation industry.

1. First of all, technology is now controlling the shifting industry to a great extent.
Earlier, the business owners used to put ads in newspapers to highlight the business before all and sundry. It was a time-taking event and also highly expensive. Not all time the owners used to receive fruitful responses from the public as an add does not last for a long duration of time. With the daily chores of work and passage of time, people often forget them. At the same time, they also had to distribute leaflets and banners to make their company popular and familiar to all. Time has changed a lot. Now, the owners are
using modern technology. They are making their own websites (Electronic Brochure) to display their company worldwide. At the same time, they are taking the advantages of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PPC, BUSINESS LISTING to give their business a concrete shape. People from all over the world can watch the company profiles and if required, they can easily
contact the owners over phone highlighted on the official webpages of the companies. The presence of search engines like Google and Bing has done miracles.

2. Moreover, the use of Mobile Apps has updated the packing moving business to a remarkable height. With the aid of Mobile Apps, the moving companies can easily reach the clients personally and come to know about their needs and requirements and easily they can satisfy their demands. Almost all the established and reputed companies now provide Mobile Apps for the customers to assist them in service and support (Quote/Bills etc). This has considerably upgraded the business of the packing moving industry.

3. With the invention of GPS tracking, the moving company can now easily track the location of the trucks or containers which are on the way. This was earlier an impossible task. This helps the companies to locate the vehicles and inform the clients about the latest location of their goods.

4. Besides, with the help of Whatsapp or Video call the surveyor or the company representative can send the pictures of the articles of a client to the office to finalize the quotation. This helps to minimize the time to offer the quotation and the clients can fix their minds to hire the company for the relocation of their valuables.

5. Plus, with the assistance of E-payment, the clients can easily send payment to the company sitting in his cozy parlor. There is no need of him visiting the company office for the payment. Earlier this facility was not available. People had to make payment either in cash or by cheque. It involved risk and was also
time-consuming. Now technology has relieved him from visiting the office for payment.

6. The application of mobile phone has really molded the relocation industry. Nowadays, the company can directly talk with the drivers of the vehicles and be sure about their real location at a particular time. This helps the company to serve the clients in the most fruitful and efficient way.
Thus, we can conclude that technology has really changed the relocation business and services. Isn't so?

By SKB on 2019-06-08.
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