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The moving and relocation industry in India or elsewhere is a space where new services are added. Individual moving companies are focusing on the global platform to enhance their business. To do this, every company is focusing on total customer satisfaction.

The change that comes with time and new technology is a constant challenge for the relocation industry. The immense growth of the moving industry in the west has been a threat on the one hand and an opportunity on the other. To be successful in this industry, there has to be a proper understanding of the environment and change in strategies. When there is a proper understanding of the cycle of business, there will be growth in terms of profit and financial investors. Therefore the whole success of the moving industry depends on one factor, the quality of service, i.e. packing, safe delivery, competitive prices etc.

The Indian market has offered space for the relocation industry many opportunities for growth along with the national economy. In fact, packers and movers are not merely confined to packing and shifting, but also are actively involved in building relationships with the clients that they serve. When an individual, family or a company move from one city to another, they need guidance and help with the move. This is where the packers come in. The other important aspect of packers is to be ready to carry out the job as soon as clients call upon them. The services and policies of individual countries are constantly on the change with their desire to invest in the global economy.

Women in Moving Industry:

Today, women play a key role in many areas of business in a male-dominated society. Moving industry is no exception. Aakanksha Bhargava, a 29-year-old entrepreneur, took her place in the moving industry as the president and CEO of P.M. Relocations. She inherited the business when she was only 21 from her father. Generally, the industry of packers and movers is often considered as something that is confined to men only since it involves labour, packing, public relations, dealing with suppliers, dealing with labour unions etc. But Aakanksha defied all the common cultural practices and made a niche for herself in the moving industry.

The Role of Nuclear Families:

Gone are the days when joint families dominated society. In that situation, there was no need for a frequent move. Today the small nuclear families have developed consisting of the parents and children. This has called for comparatively frequent moving from one city to another. This has helped the relocation industry to flourish.

The New Structure of Homes Today:

In the past, houses did not have several storeys like we have today. This made moving from one house to another much easier since things didn't have to be hoisted to a high level. Today every city consists of flats that have 20, 30 or more storeys. This calls for special moving techniques to hoist the luggage too high. Not only this but also when large pieces of luggage have to be moved from one house to another, special experts are needed to shift them for moving without damaging the luggage or the house. The services of the movers and packers are needed for this purpose.

People's Constant Shift from One Place to Another:

The reason for this is the search for better jobs. There is often an influx of rural people coming into cities in search of better jobs. This may not only be the reason for the shift. People also like to experience the exciting life in cities, and so they migrate from rural areas to the cities. This allows movers and packers to get hired. Thus it is one of the factors that enhances the moving industry in India.

The Role of Corporate Culture in the Moving Industry:

The focus of a healthy corporate culture is on their employees regardless of what jobs they hold. The employees work as a team to achieve the goals of the company. To meet these goals, the companies have to look into several factors like the location of the company, employees' training, recruiting experts etc. There is often a need while evaluating their progress for companies to relocate from one place to another. This is where the moving industry plays an important role. Moving a whole company with all its paraphernalia and employees is not an easy matter. This is where the packers and movers have been used for their maximum benefit.

Problems that the Moving Industry still faces in India:

Today India has a large number of moving companies. With the increase of moving companies, the competition between the different companies also has increased. The result of this that sometimes smaller moving companies tend to cheat their clients by taking on the names of more reputed ones.

One must also remember that the moving industry is an unorganized sector and not regulated. Therefore, it is difficult to gauge its growth. The government does not have any rules and regulations for startup companies. As a result, people with some resources start off moving companies, and they have multiplied in the country. Company growth cannot take place if there are no clear cut principles.


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